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What the "F"! 

(What does the "F" stand for and what's up with the A, B, C's)



The first question from a potential new owner is.... what does the "F" and numbers stand for.

Well here it is all broken down... Even the A,B,C's of the Savannah world.


F1 = Serval is the Father/Mother of the kitten
F2 = Serval is the Grandfather/mother of the kitten
F3 = Serval is the Great Grand Father/mother of the kitten etc...



THE ABC's of Savannahs...
"A" One of the parents of the kitten is NOT a Savannah

(Serval, Egyptian mau, Serengeti, oriental short hair, ocicat, etc)

"B" Both parents of the kitten are Savannahs

"C" Parents and grand parents are Savannahs

"SBT" Parents, grand parents and great grand parents are Savannahs
 SBT is the only generation that can be shown... 3 generations of Savannah to Savannah pairing.

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