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What Generation is right for my family and

how big will they get?

F1 Generation


F1 Savannah range in size from 12 to 25 pounds. F1 Savannahs can be anywhere from 50% to 75% or more Serval blood. The higher the percentage, the higher the chance of wild tenancies. They need a larger litter box such as a tub. They are not huge fans of being held, but will head-butt and love you like no other! Much like a serval, they may only choose one person to bond with. However, they will play fetch, give head-butts and walk on a leash with training with the entire family. They also get along great with other pets with proper acclimation. F1’s are NOT for everyone and should be researched and careful consideration before adding one to your family.



F2 Generation


F2 Savannahs range from 12 to 25 pounds. F2’s range 25% - 32% Serval blood. F2 Savannah cats get along great with other animals. Bond closely with their owners. Typically F2s out of a proper breeding program could be about the same size of an F1. F2 Savannahs will have less wild tendencies. Will play fetch, give head-butts and walk on a leash with training. I have place a number of F2’s into home with children and have done beautifully. However, like with the F1 this generation should be carefully researched and obtained from a breeder who is hands on with socializing the kittens and raising them within their home.



F3 Generation


F3 Savannahs will enjoy they whole family. F3’s range 12.5 – 18% Serval blood. They get along great with other animals. I think the F3 is the best generation for a family. They tend to be more accepting to being held and will bond with the family. They may also play fetch, give head-butts and walk on a leash with training. F3 savannahs are similar in behavior to a F2, but are very reliable with children.



F4 – F7 Generation


Lower Generation Savannahs enjoy they whole family! They still retain the wonderful traits of the savannah breed such as loving water, chirping, walking in a leash and playing fetch. With proper breeding, many lower generation kittens have the same lovely markings as the higher generations, with slightly less wild behavior. Some lower generation males can still be on the high end of the domestic size, with the females being on the domestic size. If you have smaller children these generations are the most recommended for your family.






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