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Why are Savannahs so expensive?

Savannah cats are expensive for many reasons, starting with how difficult it is to produce the foundation Savannah (F1 Savannah). The African Serval and domestic house cat are related just enough to cross breed, but not enough to do so easily. Not all Servals will mate with a domestic cat and not many domestic cats can successfully carry the F1 offspring. This is why F1's are so rare and expensive. 

F2 Savannahs are expensive for two reasons. First, breeders experience an extremely high cost for the F1 Savannah female with breeding rights. Second, again the difficulty of producing the F2 kitten. Mother Nature made male cats bigger that the females for a reason. Savannah males are sterile until the 5th generation with any reliability. F5 males are much smaller that the F1 and F2 females, which can cause difficulties in mating. Higher generation females also have silent heat cycles and are often missed by the breeder. The higher generation females will often times carry the same pheromones as related tot he Serval, thus the male wont recognize her scent.

Also, in the wild a female Serval will choose her mate. Most F1 females will also do this and wont let many males breed her. It takes a very special male to breed a F1 female hence the reason for breeders to have more than one male... adding to the expense of the breeding program. 

Later generations males can also be very expensive as studs. 

Finding the right breeding combination can take years and can be heartbreaking and expensive.

HYBRID LAWS and Legalities of ownership

Knowing the facts before getting your heart set on one of these amazing creatures. They are NOT legal in every city or state. Where you live will be one of the first questions I will ask you. Below is a map of the USA where the are legal, illegal or restricted by generation. I have also inculded a link to the Hybrid Law website. Please do your home work on knowing if you are in an area where you can own one of my Savannahs.                                                                                

Ownership Laws

Your Kitten From Snow Canyon Savannahs,

what comes with your new addition:

* You will receive a contract with health guarantee, signed and dated by breeder and owner.

* All kittens will also come with their TICA (The International Cat Association) Litter registration form. This will allow you to register the kitten individually. 

* Kittens do not leave SCS until a minimum of 12 weeks of age and up depending on weight and surgery for   altering the kitten. The kitten must reach 4lbs before the Veterinarian will do the surgery.

* The kitten must be paid in full prior to the kitten leaving SCS.                                                                     Payment form by; Cashiers Check, Cash, Venmo, Paypal (using friends and Family only/NO exceptions)

* We no longer ship our precious kittens cargo. However, I do offer a $200 discount if you fly into to pick up   your new addition in person. Either St George Utah Airport or Las Vegas Airport.

* IF you are within driving distance, I can meet you half way with in reason (200 miles) for no additional   cost. OR you are always welcome to pick up from our home.

* I also can deliver or I do have a courier/pet nanny who will travel with he kitten in cabin and the   additional cost for that depending on location can range $400 - $700.

* If a courier is used, the new owner pays the courier directly. 

* All kittens will come spayed/neutered ( no questions ) There can be an exception to a neuter that can be   discussed with the new owner should it present itself. 

* Kitten will come home with a minimum of 2 OR all 3 of their kitten vaccines.

 (Vaccines are given at; 8, 11 and 14 weeks),

* Micro chipped which the new owner has to register,

* SNAP test for FIV/FeLv (kitty aids and leukemia),

* dewormed and fecal testing,

* genetic tested parents for PKDef/PRA are all negative rendering all kittens negative as well.

* You will receive testing results from/on parents.

* ALL vetting is done by my Vet. They also check for murmurs, hernias over all health.

* Kittens also come with toys they have been playing with, new toys, blanket for acclimation, food samples. * If you are flying the canned food can not be sent home with you, but everything else will come with.

* You will also need to bring a carrier or purchase one from me for the kittens travel home. 

Savannah Cat information


Prices are not negotiable, please do not ask... I do not do any type of trade work for a kitten.

I can and will adjust a price at MY discretion as I feel inclined. 

My prices are not among the highest, nor are they the lowest.

There is NO such thing as a cheap Savannah.




If the price seems too good to be true, IT IS!

Proceed with caution as you research breeders.

There are so many Savannah Scammers out there it would make your head spin!

Things that should raise a RED FLAG...

1) Low prices 

2) Wont talk to you by phone

3) Broken English in text or email

4) Different background in every picture of kittens

5) They wont sent new pics or videos

6) Their website has a "Buy Now" button

7) Their website says "Next Day Delivery"

8) They want payment through "Western Union"

9) Google search the photo you are looking at


Prices are for both male and females

F1 - NOT PRODUCED HERE. It's illegal to own the Serval in Utah

F2 - $7,500 - $8,500

F3 - $5,500 - $6,500

F4 - $3,500 - $4,500

F5 - F7 SBT - $2,500 - $3,500

* Prices are based on the typiness of the kitten, not gender. 

*Breeding rights will ONLY be considered with individuals who already have

 an established breeding program.

I reserve the right to refuse selling a kitten to any party

I feel is unfit or unsure of the kittens potential lifestyle.

Fever Coat in kittens

Often times.... High generation kittens will be born FUZZY,

just like an African Serval Kitten!

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