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TICA Registered Cattery - Located in Southern Utah - Placing in the USA only


Proud member of TICA and the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program,
we abide by the Voluntary "Code of Ethics" and The Savannah Cat Club.
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Savannah Breed Section




We are a small home based cattery, located in SUNNY ST GEORGE UTAH.
My Savannahs live with me and all babies are raised "In-Home". 
They are raised under foot (literally). They learn to be little foot warmers and tear dryers,
they will purr you to sleep on sleepless nights and wake you before the sunrises,
just because they love you and can't wait to start the day with you! I have come to this conclusion,
the house belongs to the cats, I just pay the mortgage! (and I love it)
I bought my first Savannah Bindi after loosing my father in 2006. She filled the void in my heart and helped me heal.
As time went on, I realized how wonderful this breed is and decided to add another Savannah to my family.
From there.... it became history, as my love became my passion.
I love sharing the sweetness, love, and naughtiness of this breed with others.

Don't let the time get away from you!!!! 

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to get on our outstanding

2024  Summer F2 WAITLIST !!!

... Babies coming May & June ...





She is over the top adorable and a snuggle-bug extrordinaire!! 


PRICE REDUCE from $6,000 to $5,000

She is still in her "FuzzyCoat" and will have a

gorgeous coat as it continues to clear off!! 

See more picures of the kittens on the F3 page

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Savannahs are like POTATO CHIPS, you can't have just one!! 

Photo Courtesy of owner Shelley

Discount given if you purchase two kittens at one time, 

A home full of love

Walking Jackets

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Now you can walk your little loved kitten as our jackets are made with three layers of fabric, double, and sometimes even quadruple stitching. Then heavy duty genuine Velcro making these the strongest, best made 'cat jacket' on the market!!! We go through the extra pain most others do not to make them with narrow necks so they are more comfortable for your feline baby. Our harnesses can be worn with the black cling-free nylon lining out for a wind breaker look making them reversible. We have been producing quality safety cat walking jackets since the year 2000 with many satisfied customers.


I feed a combination of dry, wet and raw foods listed below:

FROMM: Game Bird Kibble

( I mix the kibble with the canned )

SMALL BATCH PETS: Duck, Beef and Turkey Bites (food topper or alone)

Stella and Chewys: Chicken or Turkey

Weruva: Pawlikin Chicken

Friskies: Canned Indoor Home-style Chicken/Turkey Filets, shrds, bites.

* Food can change from litter to litter, I will advise.

My Adults get Day Old Chicks (DOCS) they come frozen from Layne Laboratories in California.


They also get raw steak and chicken as food toppers and treats

Fromm Kibble
Cat Food
Limited ingredient food
Cat Food
Small Batch
Snow canyon savannahs, Savannah cats, Savannah kittens, Savannah cat information, Savannahs for sale, Utah breeder

Litter Boxes

I LOVE the "BREEZE" Litter box. This system is clean and easy to use! No tacking litter everywhere, no dust, and can be used by "most" generations. The dangers of clumping litter is this; because cats will lick their paws to clean them after exiting the litter box... they can and will ingest the clumping litter and can end up with a blockage of the intestines. In which case, the cat would need life saving surgery. I found the best price at Pet Smart(in my area). Our second favorite litter is Swheat Scoop.

Breeze system litter box
Kitty litter

In the event you have a higher generation Savannah who over shoots their litter box.

Here is a cheap and easy way to solve that problem!


You take a regular storage tub, cut an openeing at one end... about 6 inches from the bottom. ....DO NOT.... leave the lid on. REMOVE THE LID as most Savannahs like to stand upright in their litter boxes.


IF you have a litter box with a lid and your Savannah starts peeing outside the box. TAKE THE LID OFF! I can't stress that enough.

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