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Genetta Kittens



What is a Genetta Cat?

A Genetta is a new dwarf breed that is being developed  at Pawstruk Cattery. It is a short-legged cat with an exotic spotted or marbled coat that is being bred to resemble the small or large spotted African Genet.


Where did the Genetta Cat come from?

The Genetta Cat was created and named by Shannon Kiley of Pawstruk Cattery in 2006. The idea was to develop a cat that resembled an African Genet for the exotic enthusiasts who either cannot own a Genet or want a more docile animal with the look of a Genet.

After carefully selecting the cats used in the foundation program for this breed, the first litter of Genettas was born Dec. 13, 2006.


Is a Genetta Cat related to a Genet?

No. The Genetta Cat is a domestic cat that is being bred to look like a Genet. Genets are not used to produce this breed.

Will all Genetta Cats have short legs?

No. Both short and long legged kittens can be born in a litter of Genettas. Genettas with short legs are regarded as "standard" and those with long legs are regarded as "non-standard".

How tall is a Genetta Cat?

This will depend on the types of cats used to produce the Genettas and the percentage of Serval lineage included (if any). Standard Genetta's should be between 4-8" tall at the shoulder, with shorter being preferred.  Non-standard Genettas are typically 8-12” tall at the shoulder, similar to most average size house-cats.

What is the personality of a Genetta Cat?

A Genetta should be affectionate, energetic, and very playful. Many of them love to play fetch and even wrestle with the family dog

(if friendly too).


Can Genetta Cats still jump on furniture?

Yes. Dwarf cats, such as the Genetta, have no problem jumping on couches, beds, chairs, etc. They can get most places that a long legged cat can but some high counters may be more challenging. Dwarf breeds usually find alternative ways to reach high places if they are unable to make it in one easy jump.

Do Genetta Cats shed?

Genetta cats do shed but very minimally...they are what we consider a low-shedding cat.  Genettas with a higher percentage of bengal lineage should shed the least and have a very tight, slick, pelt-like coat.


What organizations register Genetta Cats?

At this time, the Genetta Cat is being registered as an experimental breed through The International Cat Association (TICA). Genettas may also be registered through The Dwarf Cat Association (TDCA) and Rare and Exotic Feline Registry (REFR). Eventually, we hope that the Genetta can be a recognized breed under TICA and other major cat registries.


Standard - Genetta Rug Hugger (shortest legs) $2,000
Standard - Genetta kittens (short legs) price range $1,200
Non-Standard - Genetta kittens (long legs) price range $750

Genetta Litter

DOB: February 3, 2019

Dam: Genetta Cinderella

Sire: F5 Savannah Diamond Chip 

Echo - Mid Shorty = 1,000 SOLD (female)

"Nick Name" Litter

Born August 3, 2018

Dam: Cinderella (Genetta)

Sire: DC (F5 Savannah)

Ready to go the beginning of November

Genetta "Fall" Litter


DOB: November 16, 2017

Dam: Cinderella (Genetta/ Short legged)

Sire: Diamond Chip (F5B Savannah)


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